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Only then did they make a poor attempt to troubleshoot and assess my issue further. What do you know. I needed a compressor and someone will be in touch!This is clearly by design to appease you by dispatching someone to your home but not actually fix anything. Needless to say this contractor is not qualified to service any AC units or even be in business period!I guess the contractors are only as good as the service provider i. e. 2 10 Home Warranty.

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His deep career experience also includes global executive roles at NCR Corporation, Lenovo, Dell and Compaq.

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But, you, you have the power of choice, as I said earlier, there are some very good ones out there, do your research, read the reviews.

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You can feel confident about your home’s systems and appliances, as you won’t need to worry about them if they happen to break down or need replacement.

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I paid $375 for the plan and $75 for each service call.